Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a fantastic week. In this post, you will find useful information about investing in property in the UK, business tips and an insight into my property investment business journey — my wins, challenges, and lessons.

My weekly business insight — here’s a list of what I want to share:

  1. What if you had a raise in your salary each year?
  2. My 84 day business launch #wins #challenges & #struggles
  3. Business website now live!

What if you had a raise in your salary each year?

This is aimed at the sceptics who seem to be negative about investing in property no matter what the economic climate. They would often say, ‘property prices are too high’ in an up-market and ‘it’s not safe to invest your money in property now’ when we are going through a recession. Well, here I am offering them a new avenue to look at things differently.

If you have a job, and have just invested in a rental property that produces a net rental income of £300 per month fully managed by someone else i.e completely hassle free, you have just given yourself a salary raise of £3,600 per year. If you duplicate this again the next year, you now have a raise of £7,200 in 2 years, and £10,800 in 3 years, and so on.

If your job was anything like when I used to be in my full time job, it is more than likely impossible to get a raise such as this. Bearing this in mind, taking the steps to invest in property has long term benefits e.g. your income during retirement will be much higher than the average individual as you gain from rental income through out your life.

Many people don’t visualise the benefits of property investment, however when explained correctly and broken down, it’s clear to see how property can be so powerful in securing your financial future.

My 84 day business launch #wins #challenges & #struggles

Before I talk about business, I’d like to share a huge win for me on a personal level. I have mentioned a few times about my 90 day fitness challenge, which finally comes to an end tomorrow (12 Jul). I must say I have never committed myself to a challenge of this sort, and it has been a rather emotional experience. The first 3 weeks fly by, as you start seeing results. This was followed by a period of plateau. At the end of 6 weeks a change in the routine forced the body not to get used to doing a similar routine which meant the progress was continued. I had set myself a rather difficult task of losing just under 2.5st (14kg) this year. I am pleased to say that I have managed to lose 7kg over the 90 day period. More importantly, the challenge has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally to get through the lockdown period by being positive and pushing my boundaries. This has had a huge impact on my business startup, and it’s important I share this.

Without getting too excited about indulging in various foods again, I decided to continue pushing and have signed up with a group on another 30 day challenge which is diet based. Whether this programme is good or not, I shall soon find out and keep you posted on this new experiment. I have my concerns over sustaining my new weight following the challenge, but that is something I will be working on in the background to maintain a healthy physical state once I return to my original weight which I was 5 years ago.

As far as my progress with the business, this week I have had a couple of really tough days in the week where I have been less productive. I absolutely miss the travelling and look forward to travelling somewhere soon!

I have made some fantastic connections over the last 2–3 weeks and the networking has hugely benefited me with refining my service offering, my elevator pitch, and also helped me with indirect market research. One of the key lessons from networking that I can share is that it’s important we give time to learn from other individuals on what they have to offer. Being a great listener is far more important than being a great speaker, in many instances. I do believe that we have been provided with 2 ear’s and 1 mouth and it must be used in that proportion.

Business website now live!

I am pleased to announce that my business website is now live and available for you to look at. Please do send me along your thoughts and positive contributions.

PROPERTYWISER https://www.propertywiser.co.uk/

I hope this has been an interesting read. What challenges and wins have you had during this week? Let me know your thoughts and comments below.

Have a phenomenal day and week ahead!

Thankyou for reading.


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